Twenty years of experience in international transport and forwarding. The company established in 1992 and international transport and freight forwarding has been doing since 2002. California sped is dynamically growing, we are specialized in all aspects of transport, customs clearance, logistics and storage of goods. Our business model is to be a company based on partnership with our customers. We are seeking for an economic advantage for our customers and clients. Our company has a highly trained personnel and a good reputation for quality, safety and reliability in dealing with our business partners.

Having provided complete services, we are able to promptly fulfill all the requirements of our customers, at minimum cost and by most accurate information.


Providing complete services, we are able to promptly fulfill all demands, at minimum cost and accurate information. Guided by these principles, we guarantee that each of the clients will feel like a part of our family.


We have a long term experience in the field of transport. We have our own vehicles EURO 6 generation, adapted to the requirements and needs of different kinds of goods at the request of the clients.


Our customs warehouse is equipped to the latest standards. Excellent technical equipment is the guarantee of a reliable storage of your goods, and surveillance and protective equipment provide the necessary safety.


Our customs service covers all customs offices in Belgrade and Serbia border crossings.